Why Compliance Training?

After working for several large organizations, and at times training and consulting for a different company in a different industry each day, I made the decision to start my own business. I wanted to earn for myself and my family, I wanted to leave before the sun came up and return when the sun had already set for MY children, not someone else’s. I had the same determination that I saw in my father when he owned a business in Brooklyn when I was young, and still maintains his own company to this day.

Because I had young children and I was a single mother, I had to maintain a full-time job with benefits, but when the time was right and my children were older, I made my move to open my own business. Being recruited from one opportunity to the next added to my confidence, not because I felt I was better than anyone, but because I was sought after for what I had to offer.

I pledge to bring safety and compliance to your place of business without the stress of production interruption, the worry of changing work schedules to accommodate off shift training, or the wondering what you need to maintain a safe and compliant workplace.

One of the many things that I have learned on my journey is that my team works best when they feel safe and are constantly in the know about new procedures. Spreading this knowledge to other companies has brought me nothing but professional satisfaction and gratitude. I have learned how vital it is that employees stay up to date with all certifications, and helping your company do the same is a privilege. 

Running your own business is certainly rewarding, but it can be a stressful task in and of itself. I now know what it’s like to manage a team, and have various schedules of which to be mindful. This is why I guarantee that we will customize our course schedule to be sure that your day to day is never put on hold. 

My company offers a vast amount of training seminars and services for your business. My main goal is to provide complete training in the areas you need, without interrupting what you do best! I offer many services and training courses. Some of those include 

  • The Heartsaver CPR/AED course: This course teaches not only the proper method of providing CPR, but also teaches when it is needed, and how it may improve survival.
  • First Aid course: This course can provide basic and intermediate first aid skills, including what to do in an opioid associated emergency.
  • OSHA Audits and Inspections course: Here your team can learn the elements of documentation review, and corrective action.
  • Several online platforms for training that do not require in person appointments.

In addition to these, I also offer training and instruction in general OSHA compliance and sexual harassment prevention. I firmly believe that a safe workplace can provide a better level of employee functionality. For more information, please read through my services pages!

Employees that feel safe at work will work harder and smarter-it’s a proven fact.
Safety Sarah has it all figured out for you-I will bring you peace of mind. Once you have Safety Sarah and her team on your side, there is no need to worry!
Call Safety Sarah today for a complimentary site assessment…Don’t Wait!

We pride ourselves on being able to keep you compliant, while you continue doing what you do best!