CPR & Safety Training and Consulting Services


Here you will learn about the diverse and flexible training courses we have to offer. We guarantee a customized and flexible training for your company and all of your employees. Your company’s safety and compliance is our priority! 

It is our primary goal here at CPR & Safety Training and Consulting to bring safety and compliance to your workplace on a flexible and affordable basis. We do this by offering a wide array of instructor led courses that we can tailor to you and your employees’ specific needs. Many of our training courses are available to you both in person and virtually. Our team understands that your workplace needs to be kept safe and up to date on certifications, but also must not be interrupted by extensive or unnecessary training sessions. We know how important running a business is. This is why all of our sessions will be fully customized to meet your needs and schedule, ensuring that your day to day operations not be interrupted. The instructors at CPR & Safety Training and Consulting will be available to you whenever, and wherever, you need us. 

The team at CPR & Safety Training and Consulting values the safety and compliance for your employees. We have been instructing and certifying companies on Long Island and the five boroughs for many years, and would love to bring you and your team up to date on all of your necessary certifications. To learn more about our specific training and consulting courses, click one of the five categories below. Our five main categories of training and instruction are: 

American Heart Association

In this section of our training services you will find various courses that apply to coming to the aid of one of your employees in the case of a heart related emergency. We believe that it is always best to be prepared in the case of such a situation. Here you will learn about our general cpr classes, cpr certification, and cpr methods for adults, children, and infants. In all of our cpr training courses, we will provide hands-on demonstrations of the current and proper methods of administering cpr. We also include instructional sections of our courses that explain why cpr is helpful, and what it actually does to help a person in an emergency situation. Our training courses also demonstrate how to use an AED on adults and infants. Regardless of your business, this is a helpful skill for you and your employees to obtain.

This section of our training services also includes various levels of first aid courses if you or an employee should happen to get injured on the job. Whether those courses be in basic first aid instruction, or more specific scenarios involving intervention during an allergy attack or opioid associated emergency, you will find a course here that suits your safety and certification needs. 

The team at CPR & Safety Training and Consulting believes in the ability to help a coworker in the case of an emergency situation where injuries might occur. We are happy to get you and your team certified and prepared to help others if such a situation ever arises in the workplace.


Audits, Inspections, and Assessments

In this section of our training services, you will find training course packages that teach your employees how to perform basic audits, inspections, and assessments for a variety of workplace related scenarios. We will cover a wide range of these including auditing techniques for workers’ compensation and general liability cases. The training courses you find here will also be able to train you and your employees on documentation review and preparation, as well as corrective action/preventative action plans and implementation. The training courses we offer here include introductory training on the international standards for effective environmental management, occupational health and safety, as well as how to identify certain OSHA violations when they occur.

Learning how to identify and document workplace incidents is incredibly valuable to a business owner and their team. While we hope that no violations ever arise in your company, it is vital that you and your employees know how to perform certain assessments, audits, and inspections in case one does. We believe in preparing you in how to handle any situation calmly and accurately.


Online Training

Digital technology and virtual meetings and instruction have become a necessity in recent times. The team at CPR & Safety Training and Consulting understands that not all workplace training courses can be held in person. This is why we extend our training courses digitally as well. Along with our in person training sessions, we offer online training of CPR techniques, basic and intermediate first aid, and more.

Our main goal at CPR & Safety Training and Consulting is to get you and your team certified in all required areas. All of our training courses are fully customized to suit your company’s needs. We are fully flexible and vow to meet your schedule without interrupting the flow of your business’ day to day operations. Online training is one of the many ways we carry out that flexibility!


OSHA Compliance

In this section of our services, you will find out about the importance of identifying and recording various incidents that are related to the workplace. With our fully customized training curriculum you will learn how to use the OSHA 300 log which will help both supervisors and employees how to correctly record workplace incidents and injuries. This section of training will also teach your team how to identify and prevent chemically hazardous situations.

The safety and wellbeing of everyone on your team is important to us. We believe in keeping all of your employees safe, but when an emergency occurs, we also believe in being able to record and identify the issue or incidents calmly and accurately. In order to do that, all of your employees should learn how to keep records and fill out incident reports when and if such a situation arises.


Sexual Harassment Prevention

When sexual harassment occurs at the workplace, it is often not dealt with in the proper fashion. Sometimes business owners do not know the correct action to take to protect the employee that was being harassed. There are several steps that need to be taken in order to deal with a sexual harassment situation, but the most important step would be preventing it in the first place. If a company is negligent in preventing sexual harassment, lawsuits and employee terminations are a likely result. Sexual harassment prevention training is the best way to be sure that company owners and employees alike can avoid harassment altogether.

Sexual harassment prevention training is something that every professional is required to obtain. We have several course outlines that meet the requirements for all federal and New York State requirements. As with every other training course we offer, our sexual harassment prevention training is fully customizable to meet your company’s needs. 

In addition to the above services, we invite you to learn more about general workplace safety and compliance by reading our blog, “Safety Sarah Says…”.  In our blog, Safety Sarah will inform you on a variety of workplace safety related topics. Stay in the know about how to keep you and your team safe on a daily basis! Remember, our priority is your workplace safety and compliance. For more information on any of our services, please do not hesitate to contact us today!


*skills portion required with online courses*

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