OSHA Compliance Courses

What is OSHA?

In the early 1970’s, the United States Congress created the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or, OSHA. OSHA is dedicated to keeping employees safe in the workplace. OSHA makes it clear that a safe workplace is a human right. Since its creation, workplace injuries and illnesses have decreased at a dramatic rate. Being OSHA certified allows professionals to be alert for workplace hazards before they happen, which also creates a high morale at your company. OSHA is committed to tackling such hazards, and protecting workers from unsafe conditions. It is the belief of OSHA that if a professional is informed and educated about job hazards, they can avoid them altogether, which allows them to remain safe and protected at all times.

OSHA provides focus on healthy and safe workplace conditions. Through OSHA, health standards for various sectors of the workplace are enforced. These standards include general principles of safety as well as general workplace conditions. Regardless of what your company’s business is, there are OSHA standards that should be followed to avoid any physical safety hazards.

What Makes OSHA Compliance Beneficial?

In our experience, we have learned that a safe and protected employee is a happy employee. By providing a healthy, OSHA certified workplace, your team will feel comfortable and safe coming to work each day. One essential way to build happiness among your employee base is to provide them with a healthy working environment. If your employees feel unsafe or not cared for, the company’s morale could take a turn for the worst. By following OSHA regulations, you are creating a compassionate workplace for you and your team!

By following OSHA standards, your company’s overall profitability could increase as well. When your employees work without any incidents, they become confident in the fact that they are working somewhere safe. A safe workplace boosts productivity, keeps morale high, and your employees productive. By adding up all of those benefits, you will find that your company’s overall profitability will increase.

What does OSHA training entail?

The process of becoming OSHA certified can be done through a ten or thirty hour course. The ten hour training program is usually intended for employees on the entry level. This differs from the thirty hour course that is meant to provide a more intense and specific level of training. The thirty hour course goes into far greater detail to provide a high level of safety responsibility. All of the OSHA training we provide gives you and your employees  an overview of identification of hazards that may be encountered at the workplace. Our training also places emphasis on hazard identification, control, and prevention. It is our goal to ensure that your workplace is safe and free from any OSHA violations.

The team at CPR & Safety Training and Consulting also believes in a hands on approach to OSHA training. Our OSHA training courses will provide a first hand account of many safety hazard situations. We will show your employees actual workplace incidents and scenarios so that they may be able to spot them when they arise. We also go over how to record such incidents, and why keeping those kinds of records are important. It is also important to determine what illnesses and injuries qualify as work related, and we cover this in great detail as well.  We also instruct how to fill out various OSHA forms for each specific incident.

A Closer Look at Our Training Courses:

CPR & Safety Training and Consulting has developed a highly informative OSHA Certification training program that will suit your company’s needs. We customize our training to fit your schedule, all while covering each important area of OSHA certification. Below is a detailed look at our OSHA Training Courses:

Chemical Inventory (SDS-Safety Data Sheets)

⦁ Audit existing chemicals
⦁ Create and maintain chemical inventory through database
⦁ Create online & hard copy binders
⦁ Train employees on procedures for reading SDS sheets and internal maintenance of program

Training: Online & Instructor Led

OSHA 10/30 (NY City DOB Compliant)
⦁ Voice Proctored option for online
⦁ General Industry
⦁ Construction

⦁ OSHA Training-Online & Instructor Led

Any & All regulatory topics available-Below are based on top OSHA Violations and/or reoccurring training requirements)

⦁ Forklift (3-year certification-hands on skills portion required if part done online) (CFR 1910.178)
⦁ Respiratory Protection and Fit Testing (Annual) (CFR 1910.134)
⦁ Hearing Conservation (Annual) (CFR 1910.501)
⦁ Hazard Communication (GHS/HazCom) (CFR 1910.1200)
⦁ Lock Out/Tag Out (LOTO) (CFR 1910.147)
⦁ Fall Protection/Prevention (CFR 1926.501)
⦁ Ladders (CFR 1926.1053)
⦁ Machine Guarding (CFR 1910.212)
⦁ PPE-Personal Protective Equipment (CFR 1926.102)
⦁ Scaffolding (CFR 1926.451)
⦁ Fire Safety & Prevention (Fire Extinguishers) (CFR 1910.


Safety Plans & Procedures (Training included)

Any & All regulatory topics available (below are most common)

Training is required on all plans and procedures, so I am including that as part of the documentation package

⦁ ERP (Emergency Response Plan)
⦁ AEP (Emergency Action Plan)
⦁ Hazard Communication (GHS/HazCom)
⦁ Accident/Incident Reporting and Investigation Plan
⦁ Bloodborne Pathogens (Exposure Control Plan)
⦁ Fall Protection & Prevention
⦁ Powered Industrial Trucks
⦁ Electrical Safety
⦁ Lock Out/Tag Out
⦁ Ladders & Stairs

Record Keeping & Documentation

⦁ Online Safety Management
⦁ OSHA Logs (300/301)  (Maintain logs, Online reporting)
⦁ Internal audits & inspections
⦁ Employee training records & reports
⦁ JHA (Job Hazard Analysis/Risk Assessments)
⦁ Handbook: Safety for employees

Audits, Inspections & Violations

⦁ Violation Abatements
⦁ Coordinate conferences with OSHA Inspectors
⦁ Corrective and Preventative Actions
⦁ Fines Negotiated
⦁ Training and Documentation Preparation

CPR & Safety Training and Consulting values the safety and well being of you and your employees. We believe that a safe workplace will equal a happy workplace. By utilizing our OSHA training program, you will not only receive the certifications that you need, but knowledge that could be life saving one day. If you are ready to learn more about safety in the workplace, call CPR & Safety Training and Consulting today! Safety Sarah is looking forward to working with you!

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