Sexual Harassment Prevention


Sexual Harassment Prevention

⦁ Policy & Form Creation
⦁ Management Roles & Responsibilities
⦁ Training for employees
⦁ Annual and New Hires
⦁ Updates on State changes when required

Since 2018, it has been required that every employer offer sexual harassment prevention training to all of their employees. This has been required in order to protect not only the employees, but your company as well. Although it is required, it is a smart way to make sure that all employees remain comfortable and safe in the workplace. CPR & Safety Training and Consulting is proud to offer sexual harassment prevention training to the companies of Long Island and the five boroughs. 

What Must Employers Do?

Under new requirements for New York State, all employers must:

  • Adopt a sexual harassment policy with the required state minimum standards.
  • Provide every employee with a copy of the sexual harassment policy.
  • Provide a training of the policiy to all employees.

CPR & Safety Training and Consulting’s sexual harassment prevention training proudly meets or exceeds all of New York State’s standards.

Why Is Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Important?

The main goal of the team at CPR & Safety Training and Consulting is to ensure all workplaces are safe. Sexual harassment prevention training is one way that we provide that feeling of safety. Education about sexual harassment greatly safeguards employees from exhibiting inappropriate behavior in a professional environment. We do this by offering comprehensive training that includes clear definitions of sexual harassment violations as well as the appropriate method of communicating it.

Our sexual harassment training conveys a sense of compassion about your team’s safety and wellbeing. We care about the comfort of your staff, and approach this topic in a professional and educational manner. The training we offer provides a sense of professionalism and confidence in your employees.

The benefits of sexual harassment training can go well beyond the workplace as well. Sometimes people do not have the knowledge or resources to combat sexual harassment in their personal lives. Once your employees have completed our training course, they will be better equipped to properly point out and respond to harassment wherever it may occur. They may also learn that some of their own behavior has been inappropriate, and our training course will help them curb it and act more professionally. 

Sexual Harassment Prevention is for Everyone

Not only does sexual harassment prevention training concern employees, but it is meant for owners and managers as well. It is important that all people working in your company remain professional and appropriate. Sexual harassment prevention training provides people of a higher position with a standard that they can refer to when a sexual harassment complaint is made. The manager will learn how to respond to such complaints in a professional and understanding manner. Sexual harassment prevention will be important for your business as a whole as well. By getting certified in sexual harassment prevention, you are sending a message to employees and clients that you only tolerate professional behavior in your business. This provides a sense of respect and safety that CPR & Safety Training and Consulting is proud to help you and your team achieve.

How is Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Conducted?

CPR & Safety Training and Consulting provides a comprehensive training course for sexual harassment prevention that will ensure safety for employees and managers. First, a standardized training ensures that all employees will become aware of what their workplace behavior is expected to be. We believe that it is important to define what acceptable and professional behaviors in the workplace are. From there, employees are less likely to act in an inappropriate fashion at work. 

All sexual harassment prevention training is then documented and given to every employee. This allows each employee to be able to consult a document whenever some suspicious behavior arises. When an incident occurs, a copy of the sexual harassment policy will serve as evidence that boundaries have been clearly defined.

The sexual harassment prevention training offered by CPR & Safety Training and Consulting achieves two goals. First, we help protect your business from any lawsuits regarding inappropriate sexual behavior. Secondly, we help foster a safe and professional working environment for owners and employees alike. 

In our sexual harassment prevention training course, you will learn how to:

  • Clearly report a sexual harassment violation.
  • Create policies and forms.
  • Learn the professional and appropriate behavior expected of you.
  • Learn the updates on state changes when required.

We believe that the workplace should be professional in all areas. Respect and adherence to boundaries are a key ingredient to a happy and successful workplace.

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