Changing Times 2020


Regardless of what becomes of the future and what has been in the past, the present is now and WE need to work together like the gears of an engine. We are all the moving parts in this Covid-19 scenario. With anything new in life, it can be hard to adapt and change so try to be flexible. Know that the decisions you make not only affect you but those around you-people you know and love, people you know and may not love, strangers, acquaintances, passers by, friends of friends, etc.

I have always been a rule follower-some may find it annoying, time consuming, a hassle, but if I am asked to do something, like put on a mask, keep distance from someone, respect guidelines-rest assured I am going to do it. If I am sitting in the backseat of someone’s car, I wear my seatbelt for myself but also for the person in front of me. Think of others in your decisions, not only of yourself and your beliefs. Realize that you may never be affected by Covid-19 or not wearing a seatbelt, but someone else could. WE all share the same world. WE need to work together in these forever changing times!