DOT Policies & Procedures

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DOT Policies & Procedures

Accident File/Tracking
Accident Investigation
Accident Review Policy
Annual Vehicle Inspection
Cargo Handling
Defensive Driving
Dispatch Operations
Driver and Cargo Security
Driver Customer Service
Driver Employment Status
Driver Logs: Passenger-Carrying Vehicles
Driver Logs: Property-Carrying Vehicles
Driver Orientation and Training
Driver Performance Review
Driver Qualification and Hiring
Driver Recruiting and Retention
Driver Safety Records
Driver’s Vehicle Inspections
Driver/Employee Termination Policy
Drugs and Alcohol (Updated)
Financial Responsibility
Fire Prevention
General Facility Safety
General Yard and Facilities Security
Hazardous Materials Security (HM-232) – Effective April 2011
Hours of Service: Passenger-Carrying Vehicles
Hours of Service: Property-Carrying Vehicles
Injury Reporting and Return-to-Work Policy
Internal Security (Updated)
Log Auditing: Passenger-Carrying Vehicles
Log Auditing: Property-Carrying Vehicles
Multiple-employer Driver
Personal Safety Policy
Roadside Inspections
Safety Guidelines and Procedures
Sexual and Other Types of Harassment
Vehicle Breakdown and Road Repair
Vehicle Maintenance

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