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Sexual Harassment Training In Northwest Harbor

Anti-Harassment Training: What is It and Why Is It Important for Your Suffolk County, NY Business

CPR and Safety Training and Consulting, LLC is a Suffolk County training and compliance company. We offer comprehensive and customized solutions that are designed to meet the unique needs of Northwest Harbor, NY businesses. We specialize in harassment prevention training and provide in-person seminars and online harassment training courses that meet the requirements that are set forth by New York State. Whether you’ve recently launched a business and you need to provide workplace harassment training for your employees or you own and operate a well-established company and you want to provide your staff with a sexual harassment course so that you can update your existing policies, when you choose CPR and Safety Training Consulting, LLC, you can have confidence knowing that you will be meeting your employer obligations of providing a safe workplace.

Anti-Harassment Training Explained

The term sexual harassment refers to any type of sexually explicit physical, verbal, and/or visual conduct that would intimidate or offend another person. As an employer, you are responsible for providing your employees with a safe workplace. Because sexual harassment creates a hostile and offensive environment, by law, it cannot be tolerated in any way, shape, or form in your business. As such, anti-harassment training is a cornerstone of your Northwest Harbor, NY’s compliance training.

Sexual harassment training is intended to educate employees about the harms of workplace sexual harassment and teach them about a company’s policies that relate to this damaging behavior. A comprehensive anti-harassment training program will meet or exceed the standards that are set forth by federal, state, and local regulations.

Why Sexual Harassment Training is Important

Sexual harassment training in the workplace is important for a number of reasons. Some of the most notable reasons include:

  • Promote a safe work environment. The primary goal of sexual harassment prevention training is to make sure that Suffolk County workplaces are safe spaces. It educates employees about the importance of not exhibiting inappropriate physical, verbal, or visual behaviors that would be considered sexual in nature; for example, showing sexually explicit images, making lewd gestures, or saying vulgar comments. Furthermore, it teaches employees how to recognize behaviors that would be considered sexually graphic in nature that may be exhibited toward themselves or co-workers and how to respond to such behaviors if they were to encounter them.
  • Reduces liability risks. By offering a sexual harassment training program, you can ensure that your Suffolk County business is compliant with local laws and regulations. Because sexual harassment in the workplace is illegal, if this type of behavior does occur at your Northwest Harbor, NY business, the affected employee or employees could file a lawsuit against you and you could be held liable.
  • Ensures compliance. New York State has explicitly defined specific requirements that pertain to sexual harassment training in the workplace. All Suffolk County businesses must develop a sexual harassment policy that incorporates the minimum standards that are set forth by the state. Business owners are also required to educate about their policies and provide training that thoroughly explains those policies. Therefore, by providing a sexual harassment workplace policy, you ensure that your Northwest Harbor, NY organization is compliant with the regulations that pertain to sexually-related harassment and degradation.
  • Costs savings. Offering sexual harassment prevention training courses can also help to save your Northwest Harbor, NY business money. Since it reduces liability, it minimizes the risk of litigation and the exorbitant expenses that are related to lawsuits and legal defense fees. Moreover, because providing your employees with a sexual harassment course ensures you are compliant with local regulations, this type of training eliminates the risk of being hit with hefty fines.
  • Improved success. Lastly, sexual harassment prevention training can help to improve the success of your Suffolk County company. Since it promotes a safe workplace and employees are more productive when they feel safe in their work setting, they are more inclined to invest more in their work, which in turn leads to enhances productivity. Furthermore, companies that are known to provide a safe work environment and who respect the people they employ tend to have a great reputation. Increased productivity combined with a positive reputation translates to increased success.

What to Look for in an Anti-Harassment Training Program

When you’re looking for sexual harassment training near you, it’s important to choose a provider that has a proven track record of success and that offers comprehensive programs that can be customized to meet the unique needs of your Northwest Harbor, NY company. The training program should meet or exceed the sexual harassment standards that are set forth by New York State. They should take a hands-on approach that clearly explains the sexual harassment training policy that your company has adopted, including how to:

  • Recognize acts of sexual harassment that they may be exposed to and how to react
  • Recognize when co-workers are being exposed to sexual harassment and how to react
  • Report and file a sexual harassment violation

Comprehensive Workplace Harassment Training in Suffolk County is Just a Call or Click Away!

If you’re looking for the most comprehensive anti-harassment training in Northwest Harbor, NY contact CPR and Safety Training and Consulting, LLC. Locally owned and operated and offering years of experience, we provide customized harassment training courses that are designed to meet the unique needs of individual Suffolk County businesses. When you choose us for your harassment prevention training needs, you can have peace of mind knowing that you will be meeting the regulations that are set forth by New York State and fulfilling your duty of providing your employees with a safe work environment. For more information or to discuss your compliance and harassment training needs, call 631-882-1808 or visit https://www.safetytrainingconsulting.com and one of our knowledgeable and professional associates will be happy to assist you.



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