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Sexual Harassment Training In Russell Gardens

Benefits of an Online Sexual Harassment Course for Your Russell Gardens, NY Business

CPR and Safety Training and Consulting, LLC offers training and compliance solutions for Nassau County business owners. We specialize in anti-harassment training and are locally owned and operated, so we truly understand the requirements of workplace harassment training in Russell Gardens, NY. We offer comprehensive programs that cover the requirements that are set forth by local regulations and that are customized to meet the unique needs of your business. With our harassment training programs, you can fulfill your obligation of providing your staff with a safe workplace, reduce the risk of liability, boost employee morale, and increase the productivity and overall success of your business.

Reasons to Consider Online Sexual Harassment Training for Your Nassau County Business

In response to the #MeToo Movement and after listening to the concerns of millions of employees, New York State now requires all Nassau County employers to provide sexual harassment prevention training for all of their employees. Sexual harassment training not only protects the people who work for you, but it also protects your Russell Gardens, NY business. While it’s is a requirement, harassment prevention training is just smart, as it ensures the comfort and safety of your staff.

Though it’s required and beneficial, trying to find the time to fit face-to-face sexual harassment training into your schedule can be a difficult task; especially if you need to train several employees and their schedules are hectic. Fortunately, there’s a way to provide your staff with the training they need without having to worry about adjust schedules or impact your operations. How? With an online sexual harassment course.

As the name suggests, an online sexual harassment course is a training program that teaches employees about the policies your Nassau County company has developed regarding harassment in the workplace using the internet as the mode of delivery. While the tools that are used in an online harassment prevention training program vary, a robust course will incorporate a variety of elements, such as videos, assessments, and questionnaires.

Why should you consider utilizing an online sexual harassment course for your Russell Gardens, NY business? Here’s a look at just some of the benefits an Internet-based training program can provide.


Scheduling is one of the biggest challenges Nassau County business owners face when they are trying to implement face-to-face sexual harassment training programs. In-person classes and seminars need to be offered at times when employees can attend, which often means offering sexual harassment courses before work, after work, or even on weekends. An online sexual harassment course offers flexibility, so you don’t have to worry about adjusting schedules or asking your employees to come to work early, stay late, or come in on their days off. Your staff will be able to complete their training anytime and anyplace.


An online sexual harassment training course can be easily customized to meet the unique needs of your Russell Gardens, NY business. Instead of utilizing a generic interface, the materials that are used for training can be branded so that it reflects your company; for instance, your logo, slogans, vernacular, and other elements that are associated with your Nassau County organization can be incorporated into the training materials. By customizing the training materials to reflect your company, your staff will better relate to the information that they are receiving, which means that they will be more likely to apply what they have learned to the workplace. Plus, presenting materials that are customized to your company communicates true leadership, as it sends the message that you have invested in creating a program that is custom-tailored to your employees.

Self-Directed and Self-Paced Learning

When learning is self-paced and self-directed, it accommodates the unique learning styles and capabilities of each individual. For example, the information can be presented via videos and reading materials, a variety of tools can be incorporated, and employees can complete the program at their own pace without having to worry about trying to keep up with their co-workers. This not only makes learning more enjoyable, but it also improves the retention of the information that is presented. When you choose an online anti-harassment training program in Nassau County, you can ensure that your employees will have the ability to learn in a way that appeals to their learning styles and habits, and in a manner that they are most comfortable with.

Immediate Results

When providing sexual harassment training, each employee not only needs to complete the course, but they must also receive a passing score. A well-designed, comprehensive online workplace harassment training course will offer some type of proof that the employees completed the program, such as a course completion certification, which is distributed immediately after finishing the related training. Further, they will be able to complete quizzes or tests at the end of the program, and once they do. Once assessments are completed, you will be notified so that you can give credit for successfully finishing the training.

Looking for High-Quality Online Sexual Harassment Training Near You?

If you’re a Nassau County business owner and you’d like to take advantage of the benefits that an online sexual harassment course provides, contact CPR and Safety Training and Consulting, LLC. We can develop a comprehensive online harassment prevention training program that will be customized to meet the needs of your organization and your staff, while also ensuring that all local requirements are covered. With our online harassment prevention training programs, you can have confidence knowing that you will be providing your employees with a safe workplace and that your Russell Gardens, NY organization will be compliant with local regulations. To learn more about our programs, call 631-882-1808 or visit https://www.safetytrainingconsulting.com today!



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