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Sexual Harassment Training In Valley Stream

CPR and Safety Training and Consulting: Valley Stream, NY’s Leading Compliance, and Harassment Training Resource

Discrimination and harassment are never acceptable. Employers are legally, morally, and ethically responsible for protecting their employees from inappropriate conduct in the workplace. The most effective way to ensure that you are providing your staff with a safe workplace is by providing harassment prevention training. Since 2018, the State of New York requires all Nassau County employers to provide their employees with sexual harassment training in order to protect their employees, as well as their organizations. If you’re researching “sexual harassment training near me”, you want to be sure that you find a reputable company that you can rely on to offer comprehensive harassment training that meets the requirements that are set forth by local laws and that truly meets the needs of your business. In Valley Stream, NY, that company is CPR and Safety Training and Consulting, LLC.

About CPR and Safety Training and Consulting, LLC

CPR and Safety Training and Consulting, LLC is Nassau County’s training and compliance solution provider. Our primary goal is to provide all Valley Stream NY employers and employees with a safe workplace. In order to do so, we provide comprehensive workplace harassment training courses that are customized to meet the unique needs of individual organizations. Sexual harassment training is one of the most effective ways to make sure that you are establishing and maintain a safe work environment.

We have partnered with some of the most notable and respected organizations in Nassau County, the state, and the country:

  • New York State
  • The American Heart Association
  • NYC Buildings
  • JJ Keller and Associates, Inc
  • OSHA Compliance

We have also serviced countless Valley Stream, NY businesses of all shapes and sizes and in all types of industries, from small mom-and-pop establishments to large national companies. Our years of experience, the organizations that we are partnered with, and the numerous businesses that we have worked with perfectly illustrate why CPR and Safety Training and Consulting, LLC is considered the most reputable and reliable harassment training specialist in Nassau County.

Our Approach to Anti-Harassment Training

At CPR and Safety Training and Consulting, LLC, we understand that effective compliance and harassment training isn’t one-size-fits-all. That’s why we take a customized approach to provide anti-harassment training. The process will begin with assisting you with developing a comprehensive sexual harassment policy that will meet or exceed the standards that have been set forth by the State of New York, as well as meet the unique requirements of your Valley Stream, NY business.

Once we have reviewed your sexual harassment policy with you, we will develop a training protocol that will cater to the specific needs of your employees and the structure of your organization. The modalities that we use to provide your staff with sexual harassment training can include in-person seminars, online courses, or a combination of the two. The training materials will be custom-tailored to your Nassau County organization; for example, we can incorporate your company logo, slogans, workplace vernacular, and other pertinent information that relates to your business and will make the harassment training program resonate with your staff.

The Benefits of Anti-Harassment Training for Your Valley Stream, NY Business

Harassment training is essential for your Nassau County business for many reasons. Among the most notable reasons include:

  • Improved workplace safety. Sexual harassment is never acceptable, and harassment prevention training is one of the cornerstones of ensuring that you are providing your employees with a safe work environment. Since this type of training teaches all who are associated with your business how to act appropriately in the workplace, how to recognize sexual harassment, and what your employees should do if they are subjected to harassment, a sexual harassment course will improve the safety of your company.
  • Ensures compliance. As mentioned, all businesses that operate in Nassau County are required to adopt and communicate a sexual harassment policy. Harassment prevention training assists you with developing a robust policy that will protect the rights of your employees, as well as your organization, and will teach every member of your staff about the policy. As such, this type of training ensures that you are compliant with local laws.
  • Improved success. When your employees feel safe and you know that your business is compliant with local regulations, workplace morale increases. When workplace morale is high, your entire staff will be more dedicated to their work, which will improve productivity, and improved productivity translates to greater success.

Why Choose CPR and Safety Training and Consulting, LLC for Your Harassment Training Needs?

No other harassment training company in Nassau County can compare to CPR and Safety Training and Consulting, LLC. Our entire staff is committed to ensuring that every business in Valley Stream, NY that we serve receives the comprehensive training that they need to ensure the safety of their employees and that they are compliant with local regulations. In fact, our anti-harassment training programs are so comprehensive that your business will not only meet, but it will exceed the standards that are set forth by New York State.

Our training programs convey compassion for the safety and well-being of every member of your staff. We truly care about the comfort and safety of you and your employees and approach the topic in a highly professional and incredibly informative manner. Our face-to-face and online sexual harassment training programs encourage hands-on learning, are very engaging, and are specifically designed to promote long-lasting retention among your employees.

If you would like to learn more about our Nassau County harassment prevention training courses, get in touch with us at 631-882-1808 or https://www.safetytrainingconsulting.com. One of our friendly and helpful associates will be happy to answer all of your questions and assist you with devising an effective training program for your Valley Stream, NY business.



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