Staying positive-Staying Connected!

With the July 4th holiday weekend behind us, my mind is focused on the way that the “new normal” has affected gatherings of friends & families. Simply saying hello and goodbye with a hug and a kiss has become a missed pastime. Being witness to some regarding and some disregarding the guidelines, can all be very frustrating. It can be hard to think and stay positive with the way things are, it’s difficult to put on the tv and not feel discouraged or defeated-simple conversations always go in the same direction now (sadly)-but, there is always a but-we need to make the effort to think positive. I know many will read this and won’t even be able to fathom how to accomplish this task but Safety Sarah believes in you! You may need to search, think hard, dig deep, but I know you can do it-the inner strength you have will help you to find positive in your day, your mind, your actions. Who knows-you may even have a positive affect on someone else!

What I am trying to do daily is give simple compliments out-to strangers, friends, family, acquaintances. Words go a long way and only takes a second-“wow-your lawn or flowers look great!” or “I like that outfit-you look great!”, or “your hairdo is amazing!” Short-simple-sweet and you would be surprised what you could do for someone with your words-try it-I challenge you!