This virus is wreaking havoc on our society. By nature,  we want and need to be close to people, it is what we do, what we love. We love to gather, laugh, cry, cook, dance & be crazy, sit & be still, read, watch movies or tv, talk, learn, teach, whatever it is that makes us who we are and now something, someone,  is saying not to do any of that. It is hard to understand, comprehend, stomach, accept, deal with, and agree to or agree to disagree to what life is asking of us. Families are not agreeing, friends are disagreeing, strangers are in disbelief, society is being tasked with the unthinkable-be who you are not. We need to stay strong and fight against this invisible enemy that for some is more real than for others but that is the right we all have-we can agree to disagree. What we need to do is have understanding. Have faith. Have strength. Be creative with the holidays. Tap into your younger self when we used our imagination to make a world of what reality we wanted and needed. Take that refrigerator box and make a spaceship to fly to see your loved ones. Build a fort in the living room and set up your phone with your family on the other end and talk about fun memories.
Remember you are in control of your emotional self.
Be in charge! Take control of you!
Mental health is ever so important. Pick up the phone, do not text. Drive by, wave, talk from a distance. Use technology to be close if miles separate you. Reach out to someone if you need support. You are not alone. Yes, it is hard, and no one is saying it is not. Let yourself feel. This holiday season, I encourage you to be creative with yourself and how you celebrate the season. Let us all work together to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe.