Sexual Harassment Prevention Training-Are you compliant?

New laws have been, and are coming into effect for workplaces to create new policies & complaint forms, train their employees, and maintain documentation on Sexual Harassment Prevention. Specifically for New York, training is an annual requirement, which began October 9, 2018 and is required upon hire for new employees. Other states seem to be following suite with similar requirements so make sure you know the facts. Check out your states .gov website for the facts.

Training specifically has clear requirements, which includes being interactive, so solely video based does not satisfy that piece. This training should really be done with an in person or zoom instruction. Sexual harassment is a very sensitive topic and you really want your employees to gain the full understanding and knowledge of the information & requirements.

Supervisors and managers have more specific requirements so being in front of them is a crucial piece to the program. I have been doing socially distant classes (less people and spread out), and zoom calls for companies that are on their 3rd round of training since the new laws came into effect on 2018.

Contact Safety Sarah to find out how to train your employees & staff on Sexual Harassment Prevention-I will work with you on the best plan to be compliant while complying with Covid-19 guidelines. Need a policy or compliant form, no problem. email me or call 631-882-1808. Willing to travel to other states and/or conduct virtually.