A Time and A Place!

Fireworks are beautiful to look at and fun to watch but there is a definite danger lurking behind the sparkles in the sky. I am a rule follower by nature so if by law they are illegal, then besides the danger of injury or fire, you would be breaking the law, depending on which state you lived. The NFPA does a great job of outlining many of the dangers and safe practices in this attachment. https://www.nfpa.org/~/media/files/public-education/resources/safety-tip-sheets/fireworkssafetytips.pdf?la=en

Feel free to add your company information at the bottom and send out, post and/or distribute. I like to take advantage of the saying, “no need to recreate the wheel” & “steal shamelessly” so check out the link and some bits and pieces below. Stay safe and remember…Safety Sarah is watching!