Dear 2020!

I promise you will not be disappointed-please read!

I am sure I am not the only one that had a child or a relative that graduated this weekend-thankfully our district split the class into 4 and made in person possible. The energy was high-the speeches of course mentioning Covid and the current state of affairs-how could they not? When the valedictorian started reading this, things took a turn in the opposite direction of upbeat. I was confused as was the rest of the crowd, until she came to the end. Read this from top to bottom, then bottom to top-its remarkable. I won’t remark until below. Read it out loud-it sounds more profound!

Words put together and read one way mean something, words read the other way mean something totally different. It’s amazing. It is sort of like life right now -each of you that reads this should draw their own meaning from it as it relates to more than just high school graduates. It can relate to just about everyone and any situation. Safety Sarah would love to hear your comments. Please share!