Back to Business: Training & Compliance: #safetysarah

As businesses open back up and we adjust to the new normal, let’s not forget about requirements. Training will do a lot more than satisfy a requirement-it will educate with the hope of preventing accidents & injuries. Ultimately that’s the end goal-injury & accident free! Saving lives, Saving time, Saving aggravation, SAVING LIVES!

Distractions are often the cause of accidents & injuries, so now more than ever we need to remind our employees about working safely, focusing on the task at hand, never bypassing or ignoring guards, never skipping steps in a process, etc. All that can lead to disaster. Disasters for employees, families, companies, & life in general. Haven’t we all been through enough? Let’s not add to the list. Safety Sarah can help get you back on track. Forklift, CPR/AED/First Aid, LO/TO, PPE especially for those not used to wearing a mask, Respiratory Protection & Fit Testing, and so much more! Let Safety Sarah help!