Brain Dump-It’s a concept worth reading about!


So this morning I was in a Zoom meeting with the SCWBEC (Suffolk County Women’s Business Enterprise Coalition) which is a non-for-profit to connect women in business on Long Island. I only recently became affiliated but let me tell you, today was my first meeting (virtual) and it was so meant for me. The guest speaker today was a woman named Susan Emory and she owns a company named Clean Mind Clean Soul. Based on my picture below, (almost embarrassed but not quite), I am in desperate need of getting organized.

All the little post it notes by my laptop were ones I wrote during the meeting. #notgoodatmultitasking

What does this have to do with safety you ask? Well, let me tell you-ever heard of that word STRESS? Stress keeps you up at night like all those little post it notes will tonight if I don’t get them done or dump them on a list. STRESS causes you to be distracted. Being distracted causes accidents and mistakes that cause injuries. Being distracted by all the “stuff” in your head is BAD, hence, STRESS is a safety issue! Brain Dump. I am clearly no expert, but from what I hear there are many different ways to accomplish this. Lists and calendars, organizational apps, all sorts of great ways to get this done. I am making a commitment to “Brain Dump” and get organized-it might take me more than one session of dumping but I am hopeful! Stay Tuned and see what happens…..Always remember-Safety Sarah Says! Thank you for reading-please share!