Building your resume the wrong way! #riskybusiness


Are you a plumber? Are you an electrician? Are you a roofer? Are you in construction? Are you in the pool business? If you can answer yes to all of these, then have at doing work on your home or homes of friends & family. If you are in finance, or landscaping, or human resources, or safety, or another profession, then there is a very high risk of injury or other unfortunate circumstances, such as fire, damages, etc. if you decide to embark on projects that involve electricity, pipes, etc.

Last night I had a conversation with a dear friend about some things she decided to do on her own in her home, which sparked todays conversation. I told her that she is not an electrician, not a pool person, & not a nurse-she is a scientist and as smart as she is, NO ONE should play with electricity or embark on other tasks unless they are trained. Should she have know better? Probably, but people tend to get caught up in the “I can watch a YouTube video and change this outlet” mentality if it saves them time and money. Trust me-most of the time, it will cost you more in the long run and hopefully nothing more severe that it is hard to recover from, like an injury or a fire.

Trust me when I tell you that you that it is worth the money to hire a professional, a LICENSED and INSURED professional to work on and in your home. This will limit your risk and liability in the event something does go wrong. Safety people are in the business of eliminating and reducing risk, and with that comes reduction of liability. As a home owner, I want to avoid issues that end up causing aggravation and money so I will always seek to hire a professional.

I mentioned LICENSED and INSURED because as a homeowner, the one doing the hiring-paying the bill, you can request these documents to ensure your own financial protection-its a simple phone call or email for the company and they are accustomed to the practice. Trust in Safety Sarah-she will keep you safe!