With everything going on in the world, at work, at home, and anywhere else you spend your time, the last thing anyone wants to do is try to coordinate a training schedule or worry about compliance if you are in a position responsible for OSHA requirements, State or other local regulations. In the beginning stages of creating my “brand” for my company,, I wanted to explain to people and businesses that my style is much like a boutique but for the health, safety, and environmental world. What does that mean you ask? If you were to walk into a boutique, you will likely get one on one service & attention, different than if you walked into a big box store. With Safety Sarah, you get me-my team will make sure to figure out how to get your 3rd or weekend shift people certified in forklift-the answer to that is that the training will be done on their shift. I will figure out schedules with breaks and other stop times, I will look at training history and make sure the employees are trained and that you are in compliance with all regulations. I will make sure that if there are multiple languages needed for training, that they are delivered that way-Safety Sarah will take all of this off your shoulders.

If you are reading this and it sounds like an impossible task, try me-I will personally guarantee that I can make whatever scenario you have work. If it doesn’t pertain to your job responsibilities but you know someone who does, please pass my post along-share and keep sharing! If you want an awesome and fresh approach to safety training, Safety Sarah is your gal! You can reach me so many ways-try email,, or call, 631-882-1808.

Take the Safety Sarah challenge-You won’t be disappointed!