Flammable liquids, gasses & greases…Oh My!

Welcome to Wednesday! Regulations govern the way chemicals are handled at work. Who governs the way they are handled in the home? Today I will cover both. Let’s keep you safe at work and at home! Safety Sarah Says…

The OSHA standard for HazCom (Hazard Communication, aka CFR 1910.1200) advises the workplace on the safety of working with, near, or around hazardous and what are considered non-hazardous chemicals. Back in 2012, OSHA aligned with the GHS (Globally Harmonized System) standard of classifying and labeling these chemicals-smart move! The previous way had many inconsistencies and definitely needed an upgrade for the safety and health of all workers and workplaces! Training was required of all workplaces and employees by 12/2013 on the changes, as well as the internal updates to policies and procedures. Please reach out to me for more information-Safety Sarah can help you on the road to compliance! https://www.osha.gov/dsg/hazcom/HCSFactsheet.html

Everyone has that dark corner of the garage, basement, shed, & workbench, where you are storing unused, unneeded, old, and rusty cans and containers of chemicals-you know who you are. Truth of the matter is that they need to go-the only thing they are doing there is taking up space, causing danger to children/pets and could potentially serve as an accelerant if there was a fire. Depending on what town you live in, there are days and locations to drop off or put out this type of trash. Please do NOT throw them in the regular trash-check on your towns website for further instructions. If you have containers that are actively being used, please make sure to keep them stored according to the instructions on the label, keep them away from children and pets and make sure they are labeled. All too often people use unlabeled containers which can cause confusion and serious issues if used improperly. Spring is the perfect time to check all those dark corners and under that kitchen sink!


Everyone likes a good burger on the grill-no one likes issues with the propane, charcoal or fire! Here is a link to the NFPA (National Fire Protection Agency) Grilling Tips-Enjoy! https://www.nfpa.org//-/media/Files/Public-Education/Resources/Safety-tip-sheets/Grilling_safety_Tips.pdf

Have a great day and remember, Safety Sarah Says “Safety 1st”! If you have questions, please reach out-I am happy to help!