What’s that feeling? Be Informed!

Heat Emergencies (Signs & Symptoms) Here comes the sun!

As an instructor for the American Heart Association, teacher of CPR/AED/First Aid, BLS (Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers), and Friends & Family, I want to make sure that people are aware of the dangers that lurk behind warm & hot weather-especially as more and more people are taking to the outside to exercise, work on their homes, or their job takes them there. Here are some quick tips with signs and symptoms for the more severe heat emergencies. Prevention is always the best so follow these few best practices: pre-hydrate with water, especially if you plan to be outside, avoid caffeinated beverages as they are dehydrating (coffee, soda, tea), dress in appropriate weather for the temperature and activity, and pay attention to how you are feeling-don’t take chances. Use the guide below and know that heat cramps are the first sign of a heat emergency before it advances to heat exhaustion or heat stroke. **If you care for children or elderly people, please check on them often and ensure they are staying hydrated. **If you have workers in heat, see the link below and table for action according to OSHA.


Everyone should be trained in First Aid & CPR-Be Prepared for life’s emergencies!

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