LIFE IS WHY! Are you trained in CPR?

With life changing all around us, month by month, week by week, day by day, moment by moment, let’s all be prepared for any of life’s little or big emergencies! Having been an instructor for the American Heart Association for many years now, I believe that everyone should be trained-knowledge is power. With people now being more reluctant to go to the doctors or hospitals, its even more important than ever. The training for CPR/AED/First Aid, as well as BLS (Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers) gives you the knowledge the treat some basic injuries but even more importantly, recognizing signs and symptoms for heart attacks. strokes, cardiac arrest, and so much more. With new babies coming into the world, kids caring for parents, children becoming more active at home, caregivers coming to homes instead of daycares-there could be a situation that you should be prepared for and Safety Sarah can help!

I have so many training solutions for individual people, families, caregivers, companies-really any scenario-doctors, dentists, orthodontists, hospitals, etc. I can accommodate everyone and anyone. Please direct message me, email or call-I am here to educate and help where I can!