Safety in Numbers!

Some people are numbers people, they need to look at data and analyze the why and how of a situation. I am not a numbers person, I get lost when math of any kind enters the scene. What I do know is this: our new normal has us more distracted, more distanced from where we used to be in so many ways (personal & business), and trying to navigate unchartered territory. Sadly the numbers that will become a part of this pandemic time are the increase in incidents. Incidents meaning accidents, near misses, recordable injuries, fatalities, etc. People at work are more distracted, forced to figure out how to operate a business with lower capacity, run machines or operations with less people, and they may cut corners, bypass regulations, guidelines, or guards, and may choose to not follow procedures. These decisions may not even be intentional-they may be a biproduct of the situation. Whatever the cause of the decision or distraction, the result will be incident related.

Stay true to the plans and procedures that put safety at the forefront of the operation. This will save time, money, and potentially lives. Need help navigating with all the new guidelines? Safety Sarah can help.

Today is Friday-take some time this weekend to do something fun-something that will let off some steam-get some sun (with sunscreen of course), take a walk, run, read a book, go to the beach-whatever you enjoy that will help you unwind after a long week. If you are like the penguins above and like to be around people-or other penguins, remember, follow the guidelines in your area and don’t take unnecessary risk!