Happy Friday everyone-sorry for the late post. I am busy networking for the cause of a safer world through training and education. Many of my posts, if not all, come from life experiences so my hope is that they draw you in and educate at the same time. Join me on my journey!

My 14 year old has been trying to convince me to teach her how to drive now so, according to her, “I am ready to go when I turn 16”. This comes from the same child that couldn’t wait to get to school on her birthday to get working papers, so while I have no doubt she would drive a heck of a lot better than many people I am witness to these days, sadly I said no.

Distractions are everywhere, especially on the road, so we must all take extra precautions to ensure our safety and those around us while behind the wheel. The art of stopping at a stop sign has become a thing of the past. People need to slow down-realize that there are more people out and about these days, especially children and people exercising. ALWAYS wear your seatbelt-you and everyone else in your vehicle. Check state guidelines for requirements for children and infants-Be informed for the children!

Honestly, I could go on and on about this, especially because I have a teenage driver, and one that can’t wait to get behind the wheel. I am terrified, so please slow down, follow the laws & signs, designate a driver, and remember, it takes less than a second being distracted to get in an accident. Stay focused!

Have a safe and health weekend! Safety Sarah Says…Drive Safe!