Unlocking the secret-OSHA’s Top 10

This is my opinion for business owners and safety people!

The key to understanding the companies we work with or come across in our careers is simple-shocking, I know. If you are a business that has ever been affected by an OSHA inspection or complaint-this will interest you. Have you received negative feedback from an insurance company, a 3rd party auditor or had your human resource department flooded with employee complaints-then this is for you! When businesses are started, I know this because I have one, but you are told you need certain things, like a name, a business registration, insurance, maybe a location, employees, etc. There is no playbook given that fully explains the “How To” of understanding OSHA, it’s regulations, guidelines, expectations, etc., and it’s often not until there is an incident or a complaint that the eyes and ears are open. Many companies do not have a designated safety person for a variety of reasons or sometimes the safety person wears a variety of hats like facilities or human resources or sometimes it’s an outside contractor like myself that will assist, and sometimes it’s even someone that has little or no knowledge of OSHA at all.

As a business owner, you must be proactive with safety. Do not be on the reactive side-it almost always causes more pain, aggravation, and definitely more money. I have sat at the negotiating table several times across from an OSHA inspector for different companies over the years and trust me, it’s not a place you want to be-let Safety Sarah help you build, maintain, and navigate your programs. Once the groundwork is done, the maintenance becomes part of everyday life, which makes it much easier in the long run! Be in the know!

from the J. J. Keller & Associates webcast yesterday 7/22/2020