Home Safety: Evacuation plans, drills, & more!

October, being fire safety month, is the perfect time to focus on being safe at home. If you think about all the focus put on emergency evacuation drills, fire drills, shelter drills & emergency preparedness at work and school, why wouldn’t you make it a part of your home and family. These days many people may have parents living with them or other relatives, college students home doing online school & working, younger children remote learning, more babysitters or nanny’s, and you may be working from home yourself-whatever the case may be, take the time to be prepared.

I found this great article that is a quick 1 minute read that goes over things to help you put these plans in place-trust me, you, your family (including pets), and your home are worth the time! https://www.safety.com/home-fire-drill/

Fire prevention in the home will be my next topic so stay tuned-follow me on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook so you don’t miss what Safety Sarah has to say!

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