Pets needs emergency plans too!

During storm or hurricane season, or for any type of emergency planning, people set out to make sure there are enough batteries or candles in the house, chargers for phones and iPad’s, food that does not require refrigeration, and maybe even a generator, but what about our pet friends? What is needed to make sure they are going to be safe and taken care of during and after an emergency, in any situation? Check out this link with tips and tricks from the CDC….

I never had a pet and swore I would never get a dog but parents cave and for the past 3 years, this puppy named Summer has won her way into my heart. Of course I do most everything for her, even though she is technically my daughters dog. She sleeps with me and follows me around the house all day. She looks at me with those big brown eyes and tugs right at my heart strings! I would never want to be without anything for her so I will be prepared, much like I would for every other member of my family! Know the facts! Don’t be without what you need for your pet!

How could I resist?