The Great Outdoors!

Welcome to June and the beginning of the week! Safety Sarah will share some key information on safe practices and suggestions as people start to venture outdoors, coming out of quarantine to enjoy the Spring weather! Each day this week I will focus on a different topic to keep yourself, your family, and your friends safe in “The Great Outdoors”!

If you are like me, you may enjoy spending time near and on the water so I encourage everyone to learn and follow safety guidelines for boating, swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding or whatever you might enjoy in the great outdoors. There are definitely many resources available in different formats: online if you can’t get to a class or don’t have the capability, and in person if available. Check them out! You Tube also has tons of free tutorials on just about anything so take the time to review and remind your family to do the same-a few minutes of safety brief can safe a life! Below are just a few suggestions, if you don’t see what you enjoy doing- let me know and I will find out and send you ideas! Enjoy & Stay Safe this Spring & Summer!

Boating Safety: US Coast Guard


Swimming: Here is a link for the Red Cross and many people have local options with private places and the YMCA-

Beach Safety:

Sun: As much as some vitamin D is good for you, there are important things to take into consideration: check out this link:

Paddle Boarding:

Get out there and enjoy the warm weather-remember what Safety Sarah Says……Safety 1st!